Chilliwack River August 11, 2019

Trip Leader: James Wakeling                 Run: “Mailboxes” to Wilson Rd

The group of 8 met at the assigned location where introductions were made with our 2 newest paddlers Jack & Jordi (sp?) who were going tandem together. The requisite safety briefings were held and the group was set for the day. The plan was to play in the eddies and waves until noon, have lunch, then do the downstream run after deciding if anyone would opt out of the run. I’m told the flow was 25 CFM that day but whatever it was it was perfect for practicing forward/ backward ferrying and eddy-outs. We had a ton of fun with that before stopping for lunch on the beach.

After lunch Jenny opted out of the downstream run as she was still nursing an injury so James changed to his C1 and led the trip solo. Simon and Jen also went tandem followed by Phil and I also in solo boats. There were some really fun drops along the way and by in large the group did well. I volunteered to write this report as I fit into the category of “official dumper” after being a bit too casual passing over a small rock on a calm part of the river… Anyway, I was not alone but to be honest, the water felt refreshing as I was steaming inside my dry suit, also got to do a self rescue so overall a good learning experience for me.

The water level was fairly low to there were plenty of boulders to test your maneuvering skills, also some pretty lively wave trains bounce along on. The run was completed in almost 2 hours as there were a few delays along the way. We had great weather until nearly the end when the wind came up. I’m not sure how the others were impacted by it as it blew upstream as they mostly had heavier boats. I was paddling a light Kevlar boat and did feel the push a bit. The rain held off until we had our boats out of the water and ready for loading on Wilson road at the take-out. Thanks to Jenny for doing the Shuttle service for us all and being the official trip photographer; all in all an excellent day, again with terrific people.


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