Trip Reports

Coldwater River from Juliet Creek to Larson Hill

  So I fell out of my boat – but it wasn’t really my fault!  My prescription sunglasses were broken and I couldn’t see without my regular glasses AND the rock just jumped out of the river in front of me!  I tried really hard to avoid it, ... More

Tulameen River- Canyon Run – June 28, 2020

The “Canyon Run” on the Tulameen River is an exciting white water run and this year was no exception. the water was moving quickly and a bit “pushier” than usual.  It is a solid grade 2 to 2+ run with a couple features that could be classed ... More

Moody Inlet – June 25, 2020 – Dave W

We had five boats: Mike & Pam, Anya & Leigh, Shahram & Kathy, Christine & Serrat, & Dave.  April could not come as she was doing her laundry. The original plan was to meet at the Belcarra Picnic Area Parking Lot.  But evidently, ... More

Serpentine -Nikomekl 21 June 2020 – Alek

The trip was planned for Father's Day and the longest day of the year. We met in South Surrey, and while it was quite cloudy, it still was the perfect day for canoeing. After meeting by the McDonalds in South Surrey and chatting about the day ahead of ... More

Lower Coquitlam River evening Paddle – Thursday Jun 11,2020

We started our evening paddle on the Coquitlam River near the pedestrian Bridge by Patricia Avenue. After going on the pedestrian bridge and checking out the first of three "rapids" that we would expect to encounter on this trip, we launched the boats ... More

Ladner Marsh – June 7, 2020 – Pam F

Sunday June 7, 2020 was a perfect day for a club paddle on the Fraser River.  It was bright, sunny and windy!  We met at the Ladner Wharf and got our canoes off cars and our gear assembled.  Dave W did the pre-paddle safety meeting and we all introd... More

North Alouette River – June 14 – Leigh B

June 14th was damp.  Two solo and two tandem boats met to paddle the North Alouette river.  This river is not often paddled as it seldom has enough water to make it navigable.  We were lucky(?), however, as this day it was just right. We met at ... More

Kanaka Creek, Maple Ridge- Evening Paddle June 4th

We have been enjoying a run of really nice evening paddles lately and with the Fraser in flood, this was no exception. Kanaka Creek is a smaller stream running through the edge of rural Maple Ridge with a protected shoreline for most of its length due to ... More

Hatzic Lake and Slough 20-05-31

Well it all started with a precarious weather forecast that would bring gusty winds from the south and rain. I was recently on this lake with the same forecast and it was not a pleasant paddle in open water.  Naturally when we arrived at the lake for ... More

River’s Week -Tulameen River

Once upon a time on a river far far away, eight Beavers took a trip down the Tulameen river to play.  The sun was hot and the water was cool, us beavers knew exactly what to do -- in the pools. Swimming through the rocks and surfing on waves, some would ... More