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Beaver Day Trips to Resume

After a long sedentary wait, the Beaver Canoe Club will be resuming weekly day paddles.  As per past practice. we’ll be scheduling trips according to ambient water levels and leader availability. And because of the current COVID 19 pandemic, we will ... More


Allow me to say right from the start that I volunteered to write this trip report; I never dumped once during my two paddles on the Similkameen, although it was hinted to us that the river levels might be low due to all the water being in our canoe.  In ... More

Kootenay Rivers Week


President’s Message – Dec 2017

Hi everyone – It was a great end of year party, wasn’t it? Thanks to April for planning and putting on our end of year party, and thanks to all the people who helped her make it happen.  They are: Anne Gingras & Alain Prince, who put ... More

President’s Message – June 2017

Congratulations New Paddlers for earning your  Tandem Lakewater certificates.  Many have gone on to try out moving water.  Did I mention we fall in sometimes?  Congratulations for that as well. Thanks for Carey and all the instructors who helped, ... More

North Alouette Meander

In late October, we paddled the North Alouette River from 232nd Street to Neaves Road, Maple Ridge.   This was one of Mike’s impromptu trips.  They happen a lot, but only when he’s not tired, and only if you’re on his email list.  The ... More

Alouette River

Upper Alouette February 2016 By Dave WesteII Length paddled: 7 km Grade: II-III Time: 3.5 hours Level: 16 cms Participants: Phil, Denise, Leigh, Bryan, Dave I’m sworn to secrecy about who fell in. But let’s just say that ... More

Serpentine River to the Nicomeckle River

Serpentine River to the Nicomeckle River Dec 19, 2015 By Dave WesteIISouth Surrey Solstice This was Mike’s answer to the Christmas Lights paddle at Hollyburn, or the Solstice paddle at False Creek. We were the Valley dwellers who weren’t about to ... More

Harrison River

Harrison River November 21, 2015 by Dave WesteII The mid November Fish 'n Fowl paddle has become an annual event. This year, we had 15 or so people in various tandem boats and one big voyageur. When some kayakers asked what club we were with, we had to ... More