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Ruskin Dam Tail Waters Evening Paddle – 20-06-18

This is an accessible and pleasant paddle that can be done in 1 to 2 ½ hours depending on how much time you want to spend there. In the summer the levels are lower and expose some nice areas to dip in and cool off, also the spawning channel has a number ... More

Kanaka Creek, Maple Ridge- Evening Paddle June 4th

We have been enjoying a run of really nice evening paddles lately and with the Fraser in flood, this was no exception. Kanaka Creek is a smaller stream running through the edge of rural Maple Ridge with a protected shoreline for most of its length due to ... More

Hatzic Lake and Slough 20-05-31

Well it all started with a precarious weather forecast that would bring gusty winds from the south and rain. I was recently on this lake with the same forecast and it was not a pleasant paddle in open water.  Naturally when we arrived at the lake for ... More

Coquitlam River March 10, 2019

It was chilly this morning in the central valley but clearly warning up and as we headed to the take-out location at Maquabeak Park under the Port Mann Bridge. The sun was out, the sky was blue and the temperature really didn’t matter, with 6 boats we ... More

Skagit River Paddle Jan 5, 2019

It was as early start for all as we needed to reach our marshaling point at Rockport WA by 1030. Its about 2 hours plus a border crossing so 7-8 am departures were  the average. Most of us were able to get through the border "rapids" without any problem ... More

Nicomen Slough Trip Report May 2017

We all heard the rain pouring down during the early morning hours and set expectations accordingly for the day. As we met to set up the shuttle our mood was optimistic as the skies were overcast but it was a comfortable 12 degrees and not raining despite ... More

Beaver Canoe Club Decals Available!

The Beavers Canoe Club now has club decals in two sizes: 5 ½ inch diameter – sold in pairs 2 for $5.00 Good for boat hulls and other larger applications. 2 ¼ inch diameter – sold separately for $1.50 each. Perfect for smaller applications ... More

Trip Report – Harrison River Sept 2017

The trip was billed as an easy paddle through the valley farmlands with some moving water in the middle. There was casual interest until Friday afternoon when this quiet country paddle stirred the interest of the masses and suddenly people began emailing ... More

PADDLERS WANTED: Lakewater Instructors Course

We still need 2 more bodies for the September Lakewater Instructor & Advanced Padding course. If you want to take the course and would like the additional 10% off we need your commitment by the end of July. Please contact Bob or Carey ASAP to ... More

Instructor/Advanced Paddling Skills Participants Needed

This is a message to paddlers who would like to increase the paddling skills to the advanced level. Beginning Sept 8, 2017 there is a Lake water instructors course posted on learn2canoe.ca you do not need to become an instructor when you complete this ... More